Welcome to my website! I am currently associated with Vel Tech University as an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Mechanical Engineering department. I have over 8 years of teaching, research and industrial experience. Prior to my current assignment, I served as a Senior Software Engineer at VJ Coresoft Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India, where I was involved in developing and testing optimization algorithms for industrial use. I completed my PhD on the topic "Design of Composite Laminates with Nature-Inspired Optimization" from the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur, India.

My primary research interests lie in the broad area of computational mechanics and soft computing. During my PhD (and briefly during my master's), I acquainted myself with composites and finite element method. Additionally, during PhD, I made myself conversant with optimization algorithms (metaheuristics based) and metamodeling techniques. My PhD thesis deals with two distinct but correlated themes-(1) Building a high-fidelity design optimization methodology for composite laminates by combining the high accuracy of FEM with iterative improvement capability of metaheuristic algorithms. (2) In the second part, I built metamodels (FE-surrogates) that replaced the time-consuming FE core of the high-fidelity optimization scheme. The computationally low-cost approach with a virtually similar accuracy resulted in tremendous time-saving during analysis.

Apart from my core competency in laminated composite structures, I regularly collaborate with researchers from allied fields wherein I use my knowledge and skills of metamodeling and optimization to tackle interdisciplinary problems like the optimal design of DLCs, process optimization of machining processes, AI-based turbulent characteristics quantification in pipe flows, optimal implant design, wind generation potential prediction, biodiesel production optimization etc.

I intend this website to serve as a medium for sharing my research findings as well as for interaction with interested researchers. Please refer to different sections of this website for further details. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you think we could collaborate.

Dr. Kanak Kalita
last updated July 2022
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